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Dignified and meaningful employment
for people with disabilities

Member Information Archive

Below are several items and information that are older but may still help members with a number of challenges:

PowerPoint Overview of Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

A pair of slideshows on penalties for employers under the Affordable Care Act drew extensive attention at the April MASWM meeting. Here they are in PDF format for you to download: No. 1; No. 2.

Safety/Forklift Training

Download a PDF of the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations presentation on Safety and Health Program Management from the MASWM Meeting in Branson.

Download the topical PowerPoint presentation on "Change" presented by Les Wagner of MACDDS.

State Training Guide (of special interest to new managers)

DOL Wage Calculators Online

MASWM Information on the Affordable Care Act.

Download an informational PDF with questions and answers on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from ACCSES. ACCSES represents more than 1,200 disability service providers across the country as the Voice of Disability Service Providers.

Here is a PowerPoint presentation on mergers, "Coming Together to Create Opportunity." You will need Microsoft PowerPoint (2008 or later) to view this document.

Download this presentation on “Fraud in Today’s Economic Environment” made by UHY Advisors Tax and Business Consultants. The report was made available by Deborah Hostetter, CEO of Projects Inc.

New Manager Q&A: New managers can check our growing information resource.

New Member Q&A: Questions and answers especially designed to help new managers.

State Training Guide (of special interest to new managers)

Internet Marketing: Detailed information on using the Internet to improve workshop sales.

Free Training/Bidding Templates!
Take advantage of these free tools for your shop.

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Sheltered Workshops Division has a great deal of helpful information. Among the most useful for managers is this resource page:

MASWM The Missouri Association of Sheltered Workshop Managers
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