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Dignified and meaningful employment
for people with disabilities

Helpful Software and Other Information

Universal Workshop Training Coordinator Jeremiah Wonsewitz offers two templates that he uses to facilitate his work. One is for Employee Training and Development, and the other for Bid Price Calculation, with Profit/Loss tracking & Automatic Invoicing.

Wonsewitz created the templates in MS Word and Excel, so you will need these applications to utilize the documents. To download them, just click on these links:
Training/Development Template (MS Word)
Bid Price Calculation (Excel)

Wonsewitz was also offered his help with any questions. Contact him via e-mail or by calling (314) 389-7072 from 7am to 3pm.

MASWM The Missouri Association of Sheltered Workshop Managers
If you have questions, please contact:
Executive Director Katie Jones, – (314) 369-5244 or
President Aaron Martin – (816) 796-7070 or;
or Legislative Chair Kit Brewer – (314) 647-3300 or