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Dignified and meaningful employment
for people with disabilities

Services for the Community,
And For the Nation:

• Nearly every workshop in Missouri provides packaging, mailing, assembly and similar services.

Workshops also operate award-winning maintenance of state facilities such as highway rest areas.

• Workshop employees also engage in supported work programs with private firms in the community.

• Workshops provide “green” services such as recycling.

• Many workshops produce their own, original products, ranging from first aid to industrial wooden skids.

All of these programs provide employment opportunities for Missourians with developmental disabilities, provide outstanding services to Missouri communities and serve businesses state- and even nationwide.

Business Services Provided by Missouri's
Extended Employment Workshops

Missouri workshops meet multiple business needs including outsourcing, custom projects and other programs designed to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Companies that utilize workshop services have an on-demand expansion of their own capabilities. Missouri workshops produce goods and services for Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller, local businesses. Contracts include electro-mechanical and manual assembly, custom, high speed packaging, automated and computerized inspection and quality control, custom mailing, commercial laundry and janitorial work, data entry, machine operation, wood, metal and plastics fabrication, document preservation and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Workshops also operate a number of on-site services. These include maintenance of state facilities such as high-traffic, highway rest areas. Workshops have also successfully joined—and in many areas lead—the “green” revolution with recycling and other programs.

Many workshops also produce their own original products. These range from first aid kits for pets or people to industrial wooden skids and other items. Such original products are often developed after extensive market research, frequently in cooperation with information provided by Missouri’s higher education and extension services.

All of these programs provide ever-increasing employment opportunities for Missourians with developmental disabilities. They also provide outstanding services to Missouri communities and the state as a whole.

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