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Dignified and meaningful employment
for people with disabilities

Workshop services provide employment for Missourians and valuable services for local communities.

Workshops in Missouri: Did You Know?

Workshops in Missouri are full of surprises. These recently updated summaries will test a lot of assumptions:

• 7,040 people with disabilities employed in workshops.

• 5,338 full time equivalent—30 hours a week.

• Demographic breakdown—approximately one-third urban, two-thirds rural.

• 60 percent of income from contracts with businesses.

• State support—approximately 20 percent.

• County support—approximately 15 percent.

• Other income, including fund raising, contributions, etc.—five percent.

• Consumers average age is 41.2.

• As of Sept. 30 2013, JVS Workshop in Kansas City ceased operation when the number of consumers dropped to 18. On Dec. 15, a new workshop was certified in Bolivar—Burrell Working Solutions, Inc.

• The total number of workshops statewide remains at 90, with an additional seven satellite operations.

• The total number of hours worked was 750,000 work hours per month, eight million man hours per year.

(Courtesy of Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of Sheltered Workshops.)

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