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Member Resources Expand for Missouri Managers

MASWM focuses extensively on providing information and resources to help managers do their jobs better and with fewer hurdles.

MASWM and its sister organization, MESA, are here to make managers’ jobs easier, to provide resources, training and other supports so that you and your staff can do the best job possible providing employment and other opportunities for people with disabilities.

One element is the following “new manager” primer that lists resources to help new managers get started. Experienced managers may also gather some ideas to help as well:

• The “Members” tab, includes the officers/contacts page and the member list page.

• The Resource Library, is a password-protected area where we post member-only information. This information includes everything from a “who’s who” of resources to training videos and the MASWM strategic plan. Contact for username/password information.

• The Workshop Services tab is a database of workshops and the services they offer businesses. This list is a way for businesses to easily find workshop services near them; it is also linked from the state’s Buy Missouri page. If your shop’s information needs updated, contact

In addition, several “outside” resources are valuable:

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Sheltered Workshop Division is doubly important because of their relation to workshops and valuable information. Their information includes workshop regulations, how to become a workshop, a directory of workshops and more.

Federal Department of Labor (DOL) is a home base for many helpful links relating to 14C.

• Special note should be given to the field operations handbook which spells out all things 14C.

• Missouri Employment Supports and Advocacy (MESA) is MASWM’s sister organization focused exclusively on legislative communications. MESA news is generally posted on the MASWM website.

• Missouri A Team is a grassroots organization comprised of parents, people with disabilities and others who support employment choice and other concepts. A Team information is available on their website,