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Workshops and Employment Engagement: A Powerful Lesson

Good managers know that developing a highly engaged, enthusiastic group of employees is important. But how, exactly, does that happen, especially in a workshop setting?

MASWM/MESA board member Russ Kuttenkuler recently brought our attention to an article by the Workforce Solutions Group of St. Louis Community College. The article not only featured some good ideas for any orgaization, it was also based on real-world experiences at two workshops, Jeffco Subcontracting Inc. (JSI) in Arnold and Lafayette Industries in Manchester.

George Friesen, who has worked with Lafayette Industries and JSI, and currently works for St. Louis Community College, authored the article. The in-depth examination focuses on the details and development of employee engagement, recognizing that almost all organizations have room for improvement.

After observing JSI and Lafayette Industries, Friesen noted these two workshops are doing things right. Despite often demanding work like cleaning parts for Boeing’s F-18s, he found the excitement and enthusiasm visible in employees contrasts dramatically with many other workplaces.

Friesen then details the forces behind a highly engaged workforce and how managers everywhere can develop, maintain and grow them. Even for organizations with a healthy workforce environment, this study offers many good ideas and suggestions.

The complete article is available at this link.

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