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Monett Workshop Sees Big Changes – And More to Come!

A southwest Missouri workshop is undergoing a big change that promises good things for the region.

Monett Area Sheltered Workshop has contracted with SWI Industrial Solutions to manage the Monett program, which provides employment for people with developmental disabilities. Based in Springfield, SWI operates a workshop there and in Marshfield.

In an article by Melonie Roberts, the Monett-Times recently announced that SWI is already planning improvements to the Monett workshop. Founded in 1968, Monett currently serves approximately 20 employees with disabilities, but one goal of SWI’s efforts is to increase that to as much as 50. SWI serves nearly 200 employees at its Springfield location alone.

Serving clients of Barry and Lawrence counties, Monett has focused on recycling efforts and a few industrial contracts, but has experienced difficulty achieving adequate income. This and SWI’s experience in packaging, knitting, kit assembly, lawn services and cleaning services were factors in the organization’s Aug. 7 decision to contract with SWI.

David Dunn, SWI general manager, was reported as saying changes would include replacing painted-over windows to increase natural light, extensive cleaning and repainting inside and out. Industrial air-cooling systems will be added as well.

Plans are to retain all employees. Dunn said SWI hopes to bring more contracts to Monett like those that have helped the Springfield shop. These contracts include businesses the McCormick spice company, Dead Downwind and O’Reilly. In one recent year, the shop also created and sold nationwide 13 million Easter eggs. Another plan calls for a thrift shop  in Monett.

Former Monett workshop Director Mica Plummer retired Aug. 6.

The complete article can be found at this link.

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