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Solid Work Ethic Guides New MASWM-MESA Board Member

Melonie Nevels is the new District V Director. Executive Director and CEO of 2 Rivers Industries in Hannibal, she has helped rebuild that workshop after previously serving on the board of directors there.
Melonie Nevels has been appointed by MASWM President Aaron Martin to serve the remainder of the District V Director term recently vacated by Kit Brewer.

Melonie is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of 2 Rivers Industries, Inc. in Hannibal.

Dedicated to the people and organization of 2 Rivers Industries, Melonie has brought life back into an organization that was on its way to having the doors closed. In March of 2014, the Northeast Missouri Sheltered Workshop Board of Directors recognized the potential that Melonie could bring to the organization. At that time, she was serving on the board as secretary/treasurer. She was asked to resign from the board and was offered the position of Executive Director/CEO. But, this is not where her story begins.

At a young age, Melonie began to build her strong work ethic. The foundation of her management and leadership was built in her 20-year employment with the local hospital where she created and maintained the annual financial planning; regulatory compliance policies, procedures and record keeping; and human resource tasks.

Her work ethic continued to be proven strong when Melonie returned to college in 2009 while working full time and being a single mother of three children. Melonie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting in 2013.

Melonie married John Nevels and together they have seven children. John and their children are the biggest supporters of Melonie and what she is doing at 2 Rivers Industries, Inc. Melonie has not only refocused the mission and purpose of the sheltered workshop on the employees of 2 Rivers Industries, she has also increased the recycling opportunity and recycling education for Hannibal and throughout Marion and Ralls counties.

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