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Branson Training Offered Key Look at Manager Skills

Two training sessions at the MASWM Fall Meeting involved managers forming groups to discuss calculating overhead and answering each other's questions on topics such as packaging, recyling and document destruction.
Some of the best opportunities at the MASWM Fall Meeting involved two training sessions designed by board member and training chair Linda Kimrey.

Both sessions emphasized participation and peer learning, with managers forming small groups to work on projects associated with the two topics: calculating overhead and a roundtable information exchange.

Kimrey explained the overhead calculation this way: “You can get in over your head, but if you calculate your overhead right, you can keep your head above water.”

The roundtable Q&A focused on areas nearly all workshops experience: packaging and assembly, recycling, document destruction, janitorial services and yard work.

The discussions were lively and enjoyable, but included an impressive amount of information from both veteran and newer managers. In several cases, managers raised an issue that had been challenging their workshop and received not one but several suggestions.

These two sessions followed the first, a presentation by SWIM veteran Leslie Miles on “Work Comp 101.”

A PowerPoint on "The Overhead Game" is available here.

The overview of the Fall Meeting is here.

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