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CARES Program Opens in Missouri Counties

DESE’s Dan Gier shared information on an additional funding opportunity for Missouri businesses. He noted that Scott Fitzpatrick, Missouri State Treasurer, has released funding of $520,925,478 to the counties in accordance to the CARES Act. This program is separate from the SBA Payroll Protection Play.  

In accordance with the Act, this is to offset cost in the COVID-19 Pandemic at the local level. As a quasi-governmental agency, workshops may qualify for reimbursement from your county for cost associated with COVID-19, especially if you were classified as an essential supplier or subcontractor and had increased cost to maintain your business.  

Please contact your County Government Presiding Commissioner to inquire about these funds. Please see this list for the counties and funding in this round. The city round is expected to follow later this week.


Gier also noted announcement of MODOT 5311 and 5310 grantees, additional  COVID-19 funding has been released to fight the increased expenses associated with  the pandemic. If you participate in these programs, please contact MODOT for further information.

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