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Workshops Help Missouri Businesses Flourish

Employees at Project CU in St. Louis enjoy their work on a very unique job, TinySuperheroes. That company provides capes to young children who are overcoming illness or disability. The employees at the workshop have helped the fledgling company meet rapidly growing demand for the effort.
(The following workshop business relationship is a great example of the many workshop services that help entrepreneurs while providing employment for people with disabilities.)

Project CU is fortunate to have many long-running customers. Among them is a company that is new to this St. Louis workshop. Named TinySuperheroes, the new business provides super hero capes to young children who are overcoming illness or disability, offering them community, confidence and tools to recognize their differences as their superpowers.

Robyn Rosenberger started TinySuperheroes from her home. As business quickly increased, Robyn contacted Project to help keep up with the demand. Project stepped up to the challenge and began packing capes for the company’s monthly fulfillment. Two new products were then introduced to this line, which now keeps many of Project’s employees continually busy.

Soon, the demand even reached such a level that inventory needed to expand simply to keep up. Before the Project staff knew it, they were the central inbound hub from China as a direct supplier for the capes.

“We knew we needed to do something quickly, and Project stepped right up and offered to help!” Robyn said.

As with all jobs, Project quickly examined the work, adapted the process for their employees and began to train everyone in their new roles. Two key players in the success of this job were Angela Alivernia and Angela Graves who each took ownership in the operation. Along with their supervisor, Heather Foster, they went above and beyond what was needed, focused on the line and worked towards the daily goals. Whether on this or other lines, whatever challenges Heather sends their way, they are always quick to respond and always take great pride in the final products.

With the continued growth and an ever-evolving relationship, Project and TinySuperheroes have become great partners. “We would definitely be in a tough spot if Project wasn’t there!” Robyn noted.

A key element of this successful partnership is the continued support of communications with everyone, from Robyn all the way to the front line with Heather and her crew. Everyone plays a key role in keeping the capes “flying.”

Today, Project is proud to be a part of the TinySuperheroes’ success and continues to look for ways to grow together.

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