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St. Joe Workshop Hosts Officials, Celebrates Chiefs!

Specialty Industries of St. Joseph has been busy with multiple special events in recent months.

Manager Byron Myers reports these events included:

  1. Chiefs support. SI had a great time following the Chiefs through their playoff run. We had special red Fridays during the playoffs and made a promotional video before the Super Bowl (on our Facebook page). They also re-arranged our lunch and breaks to coincide with the Super Bowl parade and rally. With the help of a large screen TV and antenna, we were able to see all the highlights.

  2. In late October, we held our employee recognition day. During this, SI celebrates employees who have been with them for five years or more and gives gifts to those employees who have reached specific milestones. The board of SI joined in as SI celebrated one employee’s 50th anniversary with SI.

  3. The workshops also celebrated Disability Awareness month in October. The mayor of St. Joseph came to thank employees and declared that day as St. Joseph’s “Ability Day” for their contributions to the community. A special news feature was aired on our local TV station regarding the event.

Specialty Industries continues to provide packaging, assembling and labeling jobs to approximately 100 persons. Having been in business for 50 years, they are well established in our community and look forward to continuing to be of service for another 50 years.

A Team Activities

In late fall, the A Team celebrated their year by having a parking lot party. They had food, music and fun games for all. The event was open to the public, and about 80 people were in attendance.

Specialty Industries’ A Team is scheduled to resume activities in March with a Spring Fling, followed by a business meeting in April. They will then take a small group to visit with legislators in Jefferson City later in the spring.