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Judd Chesnut Retirement Points to Larger Story

All too often, workshop staff members and even managers are not adequately recognized for all the work they do.

These jobs are often multiple layers of effort. Like small businesses in any industry, the men and women managing workshops are often the ones who fill in when others are out, answer to boards of directors and solve problems, whether the problem involves fixing plumbing or upgrading packaging equipment or software.

One example is Judd Chesnut, who last year retired after 20 years as manager of Lamar Enterprises in Southwest Missouri.

Fortunately, an article in the Lamar Democrat by Autumn Shelton provided an excellent outline of Judd and his work.

Like many in the workshop field, Judd stresses the mission of providing employment for individuals with disabilities. He also noted the kinship between staff members in workshops across the state – a major focus for MASWM, too.

“We are a family,” Judd noted in the article. “Every workshop is trying to help the others. There is a friendship between other managers.”

Also like many managers, Judd is active in his community. A Lamar city alderman, he also serves as president of the local Lions Club and Lamar Chamber of Commerce. A previous MASWM board member, he is active in the Lamar Community Betterment Committee and other area groups.

He also plans to stay active. Retired or not, Judd will continue to work up to three days a week at the workshop.