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JSI Shares Workshop Story with Missouri Representatives

JSI Shares Workshop Story with Missouri Representatives

Over the last few months, JSI in Arnold has enjoyed two visits from area Missouri Representatives.

On Valentine’s Day, Representative Becky Ruth toured the shop and met the staff and employees. JSI staff and employees expressed their appreciation for her support of Missouri’s workshops. They were especially grateful that Rep. Ruth took her one day off while the House was in session in Jefferson City to make time for the visit.

In January, JSI’s Executive Director Russ Kuttenkuler met with Representative Deb Lavendar on the floor of the house during their session.

In November, Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman toured JSI. She enjoyed meeting and interacting with the staff and employees. Lynne Schlosser, MASWM’s lobbyist in the state capital, also participated in that visit and, along with JSI staff, had excellent discussions on the great support sheltered workshops receive from Jefferson City.