New Regional Field Technician

Fulvio Franzi, director of DESE-EESW, recently announced a new Regional Field Technician (formerly known as TFS), Mr. Dan Gier for the Sheltered Workshop Section.

Dan was scheduled to start his duties on Monday Aug. 8, and is assigned to the district formerly covered by Gary Schneider.

Mr. Geir was selected from a field of 27 applicants with varied backgrounds. Dan’s experience in the industrial field relating to production, sales and marketing, distribution and analysis for a national manufacturing firm are vital elements that were considered in making the selection. In addition, he is familiar with the operations of the workshops from a Board of Directors’ perspective; he was the President of Gateway Industries in Eldon, Missouri for the past four years and has held elected office as a County Commissioner in Miller County.

Dan lives in Lake Ozark, Missouri and will be setting up his office there. Mr. Gier will spend the first few weeks familiarizing himself with Department and program operations and procedures. I plan on making a tour of the district with him to introduce him to managers and visiting the Workshop operations. DESE will provide his contact information to all the Workshops as soon as it is available. Please join in welcoming Mr. Dan Gier to our team and making him part of the Sheltered Workshop family.

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